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June 8, 2016

In my happy space I have a huge vase filled with branches from a felled tree in Maine.  The vase also contains birch bark that I have collected on my walks.  For some reason I can’t allow beautiful birch bark to decompose into the earth as it is supposed to.  I feel I must save it from its destiny.  Finally,  feathers rim the vase – these are from a store in Minnesota that I loved to stroll through, back in the day, with my friend, Brenda.  This vase sits right in front of a big window near my desk and I have special mandalas (from Blooming Lotus) that hang from the branches.  It makes me smile.  Well, that was until I watched the struggle of a hummingbird on the other side of the glass flitter about trying to access the buds. (Or maybe the sparkly mandalas intrigued her?)  “Oh sweetie, you can’t get in here.”  I told the hummingbird as it frantically bounced a few inches higher, then lower, then to the right and to the left.  She seemed to be analyzing her access point.  Then it just hovered.  “You are breaking my heart you know.” I told her.  And just like that, she disappeared.

This hummingbird brought back a concept I mentioned in my post Walking Repositories for Buried Treasure.  The concept was born by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, as well as Eat, Pray, Love.  Her theory, and now mine, is that the world is inhabited by the energetic life form of ideas and that even though ideas have no material body, they do have consciousness and a will to be made manifest.  But the only way an idea can be brought to life is through the collaboration of a human partner.  So ideas will inject themselves into a humans brain, similar to the way a hummingbird flits about looking to draw sweetness from a reliable source.  Have you ever experienced the blessing of an idea that just pops into your head?  Seemingly out of nowhere.  What do you do with it?  Please don’t say you ignore it.  That particular Idea thought that YOU were so special that YOU had the power to bring it to life.  How dare you ignore it!

If you think about this for a moment you will understand how truly remarkable this is.

Last Saturday night we were star gazing.  We began discussing how to differentiate between a shooting star and a satellite.  Kyle’s friend Lau was an expert and pulled up a photo documenting the satellite traffic in space.


Source of photo

Source of photo


The photo made me sad thinking about space garbage, but it also reminded me of ideas looking for human connection.  If ideas are actually a type of energy, and let us assume that is the case, wouldn’t they look a bit like the photo of space?  Millions of ideas orbiting the universe, constantly spinning, searching, attempting to connect so it can come to life.  Waiting for that perfect person, that perfect moment.

Through my awareness of this concept, I have noticed that certain ideas will land in my head out of nowhere, like a random hummingbird flitting about, searching for nectar.  For example, it is morning and I am mentally going through my to do list for the day and then all of the sudden…


Idea:  What if I could combine a yoga for menopause workshop with a hands on cooking class?  Would working with the CSA at TTOR’s Chestnut Hill Farm be an option?  Dang, no kitchen facilities.”

Back to consciousness:  Call Kyle and Brad’s primary care about study abroad… Bills…Take back library books…

Just like that, it flutters in and it flutters out.

As I have grown accustomed to this concept I find myself actually interacting with the ideas that come to me.  I used to just let them fly by.  Now, however; I stop and say to the idea – “Hello idea.  You are quite interesting.  I’m going to write you down and think about you for a bit.  Thanks for finding me.”  If I choose not to pursue it, I tell the idea, “Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not your girl.  Can’t get my head around it right now.  Best of luck.”  I have found that it would behoove me not to acknowledge the idea and let it down gracefully.  It’s energy right?  What you give out to the universe you get back.  Besides,  I’m convinced word would get around quickly in the idea universe and then where would that leave me?  Would I be barred from eligibility of future ideas?  I certainly don’t want to risk that.  Anyway, I believe the ideas are smarter than we are and they know that you are indeed the human that is supposed to bring a certain idea to life, so it will be persistent and come back, again and again until you take action.  Not sure if the idea would stay that dedicated if I pissed it off.

There are other ideas that come to me more direct and through the wisdom of others.  This happens from a plethora of sources.  When I am reading a book, listening to a lecture, talking to a friend, to the boys or Andrew or tuned into NPR.  This I believe is the most beautiful connection of one genius to another.  I once heard someone say that reincarnation is a way of drawing on others lifetime experiences.  They used for an example Mozart and questioned how else could he have possibly been so talented.  Ok, so I am going off topic a bit but it is kind of related, don’t you think?

Ok, back on course.

Ideas through the genius of others is a bit like a hummingbird in the way that, seemingly out of nowhere they just appear and with a little tiny needle of a beak try to suck the juice of one genius and insert it into another.  This, in fact, was how my Dunn Bros coffee shop adventure came about with my friend Ann.  I think we were walking or maybe even still standing at the bus stop (you could find the Moms still standing on the Landing Road bus stop sometimes 45 minutes after the bus picked up our children.  Gawd, I loved those years.).  Ann mentioned she had been looking into starting her own business and felt that doing so through a franchise would offer her the necessary guidance and support for a new venture.  She mentioned her idea of a coffee shop and my eyes lit up. It was on my bucket list, to own my own coffee shop.  This conversation occurred shortly after my first “All Clear- dancing with NED” and I was up for anything.  The rest of the story, my friends, is history.  If you find yourself in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, you MUST stop by the Smith Douglas More House and treat yourself to a latte and to just sit and soak up the charm of the place that Ann continues to share her genius through.

I had another idea randomly come to me recently as I Googled “carpenter in Porter, Maine”.  Up pops this real estate ad announcing the sale of the Cornish Inn in Cornish, Maine.  Oh, how I would love to be an Inn Keeper.  And 20 minutes away from our cabin!  My heart started racing.  I got excited about the possibility.  I shared the idea with Andrew, and he was encouraging.  I did some online research for about an hour.  On my way home I reached out to my home designer, SaraH, to see what she thought about the idea.  (You remember SaraH right?  Her genius was behind my post Finding our happy space.)  She raised some important issues, but I think I got her excited as well.  As part of my research, I drove to the Inn this morning and just sat in the park across the street.  The building is located right on a corner of Route 25 in Maine and man, the traffic is plenty and loud!  I tried to imagine the big red barn as a yoga studio or a place we could have concerts.  Then whooooosh comes an 18-wheeler literally pulling me back to reality.  I try again, looking at the front porch.  Imagining it decorated with a little southern charm meets Downeast Maine- compliments of SaraH’s genius.  Clink. Clink. Whinnnnnne.  A dump truck pulling an excavator flies by.  “What is the freakin speed limit on this road?” I say to myself.

Sorry Idea.  I’m not your girl.  I want an Inn that envelops serenity.  Let me know if one of those come up.  Good luck finding the right person that will love this Inn and all of its charm.


Ready for your homework assignment?  Over the next few days or weeks notice if ideas are trying to access you.  Are they just fluttering out of space? Or are they coming from the genius of another?  Notice.  Hang a hummingbird feeder outside of your kitchen window to remind you of the preciousness and precision that surrounds this energetic force of ideas.  When one comes to you, and it will, acknowledge it.  Write that idea down.  Think about the idea for an hour or a day.  Play it out.  Bounce the idea off of a loved one.  If it doesn’t work for you, let the idea down with kindness and compassion.  And wait for the next one.

Don’t roll your eyes.  Try it.  Just for a week.

Acknowledging and acting on ideas that come directly to us is just one way that WE can make America great again.  (I’m not going to acknowledge he who shall not be named.  Only to say that the power is in each of us to make the world a better place.  There is no one person that has or ever will have this power.)   Great ideas are out there, they just need for us humans to stop our complacent attitudes! Enough of this thinking someone else will do something about something.  Let’s get over our lack of courage.  Be honored that the idea found YOU.  Let it empower you to change the world in a way the universe thinks you can.  See if you can make it happen.  Let that little hummingbird have some dam nectar!  When you do, please leave comments on this site about your experience. I and others will feed on your inspiration!

Ok.  Spit, spot.  Get busy.

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