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Let ideas come to life!

June 8, 2016

In my happy space I have a huge vase filled with branches from a felled tree in Maine.  The vase also contains birch bark that I have collected on my walks.  For some reason I can’t allow beautiful birch bark to decompose into the earth as it is supposed to.  I feel I must save it from its destiny.  Finally,  feathers rim the vase – these are from a store in Minnesota that I loved to stroll through, back in the…

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Life Transitions


May 30, 2016

“There is nothing permanent, except change.” Heraclitus Intuitively I know this.  In my mind, however; this magical place in Maine, which I have had the privilege of experiencing for the last 27 years, has for the…

Feeling Healthy Just Diagnosed

Living cancer free?

May 24, 2016

I will always remember that feeling of relief when my oncologist announced that my tests came back with “No Evidence of Disease”.  Ahhh… dancing with NED I was.  Whisked across the parquet, held so gracefully by…

Happy Spaces Sacred Spaces

Chestnut Hill Farm

April 13, 2016

When I opened my car door I was met with a chorus of birds as well as the oceanic sound of the hundreds of cars using route 495 not far away.  I am familiar with this…