Happy Spaces Sacred Spaces

Chestnut Hill Farm

April 13, 2016

When I opened my car door I was met with a chorus of birds as well as the oceanic sound of the hundreds of cars using route 495 not far away.  I am familiar with this…

Breathe Life Transitions Mindfulness

Begin again.

March 26, 2016

This post is about beginning again. And again. And again. To me, this time of year brings with it a perfect opportunity to start fresh, a new beginning.   During the season of spring, (if you…

Literary Sparks

And The Mountains Echoed

March 25, 2016

Khaled Hosseini also wrote The Kite Runner, which stuck with me for a long time after I finished.  His new book, And The Mountains Echoed was a bit difficult for me to get into.  It was…