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My letter to the President. Spreading some mad Love.

January 30, 2018

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I have challenged myself and you to spread some mad love into the world.  One of the suggestions I made was to write a thank you note to our president. Here is my version.  Just putting a stamp on it now and going to walk it to the mailbox.   Feel free to use it as a template and do the honor of connecting him to the people that serve him and at the same time the people he serves.

Do it.  Spread some mad Love.

January 30, 2018

Mr. Donald Trump
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to thank you for accepting the responsibility of being the leader of our country. As I watched the inauguration a year ago, I was very emotional. When you raised your right hand, in a display of agreement to take on this role, I found myself overwhelmed realizing the courage required of you is magnificent. Thank you.

It is stunning to me that the role of President of the United States of America and that of a president of a profit or non-profit company require such similar skills and abilities. You are a unique President having played both roles. I would like to share my observations from the lens of an employee. An employee of the several companies I have worked in over 30 years and also as an employee of this company, the one that I live in. Would you allow me this privilege?

Thank you.

I am honored to have worked with memorable leaders. Every single one of them have influenced me indelibly. As I reflect back, I can see a common struggle. There were periods in each of their tenure where they veered from the center. The center being the mission and vision they had committed to in starting or running the business. Veering from the center can be the result of many things but always has its footing in disconnection. Intentional but mostly unintentional disconnection from the people and ideas they serve.

For companies with less than 2000 employees staying connected is a struggle. For the company that you run, with its 323 million + employees, I can only imagine what a challenge it is to keep a pulse on all of your stakeholders. To that end, I invite you to take a virtual walk into my life so that I may connect you to the people who serve you. The people who you also serve. At the end of the day, this is what we humans do, right? We serve each other.

First, meet the men and women I wake up to. These are the journalists that I trust in their role of the Fourth Estate, which is to provide me with unbiased information allowing me to execute my democratic rights and make decisions every day of my life – financial, emotional, and economic. Decisions that affect my family, our future, the companies I interact with and the humans I connect with on a daily basis.

Next, I would like you to meet my sons, Kyle and Brad. They are currently both enrolled in college and will exit these institutions with student loans equivalent to the price of a small home in rural America. This debt they knowingly acquired so that they could be of benefit to the world around them. Discussions with them and their friends indicate invaluable insight to what needs to change in the world of education.

Meet my parents, Ron and Marie who have both worked tirelessly their entire lives. They are the “salt of the earth”. Grounded, kind human beings that have done everything in their power to provide for their three children. They have scraped together a bit of savings, their “nest egg”, even in light of mounting health care costs. They trust in their President. They believe their needs will be met. There needs are simple; safety, Social Security, healthcare and their freedom.

Speaking of freedom, meet my nephews. Matt was a Marine and I thank him every day for fighting for my freedom. I am unable to fathom what that cost him personally. Ricky is a 911 Operator, EMT and Fireman; also putting himself in harm’s way daily for the sake of others.

And then there are the warriors. My nieces, God-daughters, sisters–female peers and friends that work harder and smarter for less than their male counterparts. Mr. President, this is a force to be reckoned with. But I trust you are well aware of that fact.

There are so many friends and peers that I would like you to meet. Those who are trying to combat homelessness one back pack at a time. Others that work with child services with the intent to bring trust and love to the children that come with little of these. The sons and daughters of people who are struggling to keep it together themselves, let alone for their offspring.

Meet the Minister of my church, who is responsible for breathing hope and faith into a sea of people who sometimes feel they can’t quite grasp one or the other or have lost both.

Finally, I wish I could take you on a stroll to the beautiful neighborhoods around me that house the diversity of our country. The country I am proud of. Opening its doors to all that wish to enter the land of opportunity.

Realizing this is a brief description of humans that in their own right deserve pages of detail, I do hope it connects you even minutely to the beating hearts that serve you and you have the responsibility to serve. If you should ever find yourself in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it would be my honor to meet you and make these connections human instead of virtual.

I am grateful for your attention. Once again, I do appreciate your service to our country. I will continue to do my part in making it great… again.


Kathy Washburn

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